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Name:Nathaniel Graison
Birthdate:Apr 13
21 years old, long mahogany-colored hair, violet eyes, lean build, were-leopard, stripper at Guilty Pleasures.

Nathaniel's early life was one of abuse and pain after his parents died. He and his older brother Nicky were put into the care of an abusive man. Nicky tried to protect him, but was unable to much of the time. When Nicky was also killed, Nathaniel ran away at an early age and was immediately snapped up on the streets. At some point, he was formally trained as a submissive. In his late teens, he was infected with lycanthropy, and Nathaniel was found by Gabriel. By that point, Nathaniel was a drug addicted prostitute, and was so submissive and masochistic that he was literally incapable of saying no to any torture proposed to him. Gabriel helped Nathaniel stop taking drugs but was unable or unwilling to address Nathaniel's other problems and simply pimped Nathaniel, restraining customers from taking too much advantage of him. Whether it was due to his upbringing, his life on the streets or the training, Nathaniel only feels worthy of someone when they take from him or make him pay in some way for what they give to him.

He ended up being in several of Raina and Gabriel's movies before finally getting a job as a stripper at Guilty Pleasures, using the stage name of 'Brandon'. After Anita took control of the St. Louis pard, Nathaniel attached himself to Anita for protection. He was her pomme de sang for a while before becoming her animal to call. Nathaniel has been working to become more assertive and self-reliant, if only to please Anita. He is still highly submissive and is happy to take the "wife" position in Anita's increasingly large harem - cleaning, cooking, and generally providing emotional support. Anita inadvertently marked Nathaniel as her animal to call, forming a triumvirate between her, Nathaniel, and Damian, as her vampire servant.

Later Nathaniel finally shows some burgeoning self-assertion, insisting to Anita that if she does not address his masochistic sexual needs, he will go elsewhere for what he wants. He also has learned how to drive and do other self-sufficient activities in order to please the necromancer.

[RP journal, no affiliation with the Anita Blake novels or Laurell K. Hamilton. Both mun and muse are over 18 years of age.]
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